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Enchanted News


Community art project with local schools

Enchanted festival is proud to be working with local primary schools in the lead up to the event. The children will be designing sea creatures from recycling to be displayed alongside Gusita, a turtle sculpture made from recycled tyres and metal. 

Gusita was displayed for 6 weeks last season at London Zoo to teach children the effects of single use plastic waste in the ocean. We will be proudly displaying the children's creations with their school names alongside the sculpture at the festival!

We are passionate about engaging and encouraging art for our local children!

We will be using recycled and donated goods for the children to make art from on the day in various workshop activities. If you would like to donate or sign up to help with our arts and crafts areas please email enchantedfest@gmail.com

Sugar free food

All of our traders on site will be sugar free  helping children and their families to have fun with healthier foods.

To apply to trade please email enchantedfest@gmail.com